Beginning the journey to personal responsibility

This morning, I read over the December forecast from The Power Path. A part that felt true for me and As You Evolve was this:

In defining RESPONSIBILITY, I like to include “the ability to respond” as part of the definition. You should always be the first responder to whatever is happening in your life. You should be the first responder to your own issues. It helps if you can always come from the place of accepting that you create absolutely everything and every situation in your life. The power in that responsibility is that if you created it, you can uncreate it, you can change it, and you can always create something new.

What this says is that we are a lot more powerful than we think.

What happens when we know we are powerful creators, we…

…stop blaming others
…stop blaming ourselves
…know that since we created something, we can uncreate it
…embrace that we are powerful and what we think and do MATTERS
…live more fully in the moment
…see life becomes a fun game to navigate
…invite life to become magical again
…understand how much easier it is to feel good about who we are and what we do

Something you can do today…

Take a quick inventory of your life.

Maybe not the whole thing, but right now, in this moment.


Where are you feeling uncomfortable right now?

What doesn’t feel like ‘you’?

Where are you sacrificing your inner self to please others, the world, your family?

When you’ve identified where responsibility may not have been taken in your life, you create a roadmap between where you are and where you want to be.

This is where the magic comes in!

Learning to create your own life must come from within.

But it’s not without looking at the painful, the deep, and the messy – the places where we may have created something that didn’t fit, or didn’t work, but we can change it now.

It requires taking a peek at where things aren’t working, where things are rubbing you the wrong way – then looking at it with a curious eye to truly feel and understand what’s going on here – whether it’s growth, or just not right for you. It’s a matter of getting to the root of it. Doing a stream of consciousness can help.

When you begin your path to personal evolution, you start to understand what makes you tick. What feels good. What lights you up.

When you’re in tune with your mind, your heart, and your body, you start to see patterns.

You start to experience life in a different way.

You begin playing with more intention and trust and love.

And when you operate out of those good feelings, you receive more of that from the universe.


If you want to embrace more abundance and generosity, give something away.
If you want more love, share your heart and vulnerability with someone else.
If you want to respond more kindly to others, practice compassion with yourself.
If you want more personal responsibility, start taking it + be the first responder to your life.

The universe always gives you what you put out, so the more you can feel good and share what you most want with others, the more you’ll receive.

The key is opening up to the signs that you’re on the right path – for you…

As you start this journey of personal evolution, it may feel big and scary and unknown. But the truth is that you’re never alone and this journey is not one you take independently. There are signs that will move through you and outside of you, whether through a penny on the ground in response to a recent intention for abundance, a card in the mail after sending some of your own love out into the world, or a sudden a-ha realization that helps you see the world a different way.

Take note of what you most want.

Step into the light of personal responsibility.

Trust the universe to provide you with what you need… then just keep your eyes out for magic.

It always shows up when you’re on the right path.

And, you are.

Love from another chilly + sunny day from Portland,

PS. Vision Quest: a 4-week creative awakening embarks on January 5, 2015. If cleansing your mind body and soul for more fulfillment, peace, and awareness inspires you, learn more about the course, here.

Does the holiday season pull you from your center? You have a choice (+ a mantra for the rest of the year)

“Go forth, the teller of tales, and seize whatever the heart longs for. Have no fear. Everything exists. And everything is true. And the earth is only a little dust under our feet.” - w.b. yeats

Love always.

This life is yours to live and the holidays are not a time to forget that. It’s a time dedicated to celebrating presence, love, and kindness. But, as the onslaught of consumerism and commercialism seeps into the cracks of every channel – whether electronic or human – it doesn’t always feel that way.

But, we have a choice.

We have a choice to give into the consumerism tendencies.

To believe that we aren’t good enough until we buy everyone in our family gifts.

To believe that presents are valued over presence.

To believe that we will be judged for who we truly are if we choose not to partake.

Personally, I value time and experiences over tangible things and you’ll find most of what I teach embraces mindfulness as a leading value. Our society does not reward a lifestyle like this. Starting before Halloween, we hear about everything we need to purchase over the coming months… and what our children, partner, or family will feel when we purchase them the perfect toy, the perfect ring, or the perfect TV. I remember as a child hearing in the summer that my dad + step mom were still paying off the debt from last Christmas – and that no, we wouldn’t be able to adventure up to the Wisconsin Dells. Thinking back to that Christmas, I can’t even remember what thing I got, but I sure as hell would have remembered going to the Dells.

Because, the reality is that all anyone truly wants is TIME. Time is invaluable. You can’t put a monetary value on it. It just is.

And you, my dear, are worth all the time in the world.

Even if the feelings of overwhelm, frustration, and sadness seep into your emotional being throughout this time of year, remember that you do have a choice.

You have a choice to…

  • purchase experiences instead of tangible gifts
  • say no to gatherings that suck your energy
  • say yes to events that feel good
  • opt out of consumerism
  • opt in to love

This isn’t a letter to say that holidays and cultural rituals are not important, because they do play a part in our creative consciousness. That being said, we have the choice to create these rituals any way we’d like. We are not forced to spend time with family that sucks our energy dry, or to travel across the country and sap our savings account, or to give into the consumerism tendencies of our culture.

We can choose to be mindful consumers. We can choose to bring kindness and love into every interaction, despite the consumerist side of the holiday season. We can choose to be a beacon of light + kindness throughout the year, instead of faking through it during the holidays.

Life is about feeling good. If the rituals and habits you’ve lived during the holidays throughout the years don’t feel good to your true self, choose a different story. Choose to be intentional about how you spend your time and energy. Choose to give the gift of presence instead of presents. Choose to love yourself, first, and do what feels right for you. Choose to live aligned with your authentic self – even if that means letting others down.

And, choose to celebrate presence, kindness + love this holiday season – whatever that looks like for you.

I leave you now, with a simple mantra to carry you through the rest of the year:

‘I am perfect + whole just the way I am.’

You are,

PS. If this resonates + you’d like to learn more practices to live mindfully throughout this time of year, Mindful Moments is a free 31-day e-course that will help you do just that. I’d love to see you there! Learn more here.

Mindful Moments (free!) course, Vision Quest update, and a new guide: Cleanse + Connect

Hi loves!

Lots of creating, grounding, and boundary-making over here the last few weeks!

And, after working with a handful of beautiful women during Vision Quest, so many ideas came to mind about how I could help you feel better about your life. So many of us go through life feeling stressed, frustrated, and resentful – and, for what?

I have a vision of a world where we learn to feel good about who we are, what we do and how we do it. Maya Angelou said that success is just that – feeling good about who you are. It’s really quite simple, but it requires an open heart and willingness to grow.

Transformation isn’t about taking the easy route.

It’s about digging your hands deep into the shadows.

It’s about trusting yourself.

It’s about doing the work, because you’d rather try than always wonder who you could have been.


So, the new courses and guides I’ve created tap into just that…

They’re each full of tools + practices that you can try for yourself to encourage your own practical evolution – and in turn, make the world a better place…

31 daily reminders for self-care this

Mindful Moments…

This free e-course is specifically for the stressful and energy-draining month of December.

It’s a time where the temperatures lower, the sun sets sooner, and our moods may get a little bit dimmer, too.

Mindful Moments: 31 daily reminders for self-care this December helps you realign with your true self, every day, at least for a moment.

The purpose of this course is to give you small reminders, each day, that help you transform your mindset for more empowered + intentional living. If you’d like to become more aware + joyful this December, I invite you to join.

  Vision quest

Vision Quest…

I’m just wrapping up the final few days of my program, Vision Quest, which has been an absolute DELIGHT.

So many a-has and transformational moments for the lovely women who’ve embarked on this journey to know themselves better and to create their life from the inside out.

I’ll be relaunching Vision Quest to start you off on a beautiful + soulful foot for 2015.

If you feel you need a realignment with your true self, it’d be lovely to have you!

The Quest includes all the lessons delivered via email and they will be hosted on CourseCraft, so you won’t have to go digging through your email to find that one quote that really struck a chord.

The tools and practices taught in Vision Quest help you realize just how powerful your mind and body are in realigning your true self for creative confidence. This creative confidence ultimately helps you feel better about the decisions you make, feel more present in this moment, and move forward, knowing that you have your own back.

To be invited to join the next Vision Quest, sign up here.

Enrollment will open next month.

a journey to self-love, letting go +

Cleanse + Connect…

If you’re new here, or aren’t too familiar with the work I do, this is the beginning of the transformational journey and will help lay a foundation for creative power + freedom in your life.  Cleanse + Connect brings you through a beautiful journey of self love, letting go, and tapping into your inner self.

Snag your copy, here.

It’s an exciting time of transformation + awakening.

I’m so glad you’re here for it.

With love,

Forget buying inspirational posters… create your own instead

This is lesson 5 of the 5 lessons for creative + intentional living. There are 5 weeks worth of creative lessons to help you live with more intention and bring out your creative essence. Want this magic directly to your email? Sign up here.

Forget buying inspirational

We are a product not only of who we surround ourselves with + what we put into our minds, but also what our environment looks like.

This is why my walls adorn beautiful script quotes, intentions, and positive affirmations.

When I was a kid… I had posters of cats and other animals all over my walls. Literally, the entire wall next to my bed was covered with these pictures – and I loved them!

Then, as I got a bit older… my artist aunt gifted me some beautiful originals of hers that dressed up my walls for my teenage years.

Once I started college… I covered my walls in other people’s art, sayings, and creations.

Of course, this isn’t a negative thing, but I soon realized it’s a lot more fun to create your own, especially because they’re unique and meaningful to you.

I most love creating my own wall art because I can be very intentional about what I surround myself with and it costs next to nothing…


Remember the butcher paper you purchased when you created your yearly + hanging intentions?

Pull that thing out again and let’s get to work.

Find yourself some black acrylic paint and dilute it 1 part paint to 3 parts water, maybe less, depending on what type of paint you have.

Next, you can get some fun script brushes, or you can find a soft tipped paintbrush, like these.

You now have the tools to create a beautiful script print with your own handwriting.

What do you most need to hear?

Take that and script quote it on the butcher paper.

photo 1 (5)


photo 3 (2)

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (4)

Seize the day.

This is a beautiful process of acknowledging your inner self and bringing to light the most empowering and beautiful thing you could hear.

It doesn’t have to be long – maybe you just want to remind yourself to not take life so seriously, so you script paint ‘Smile, babe.’

Or, maybe you want to encourage your inner truth to come out daily, so you write out ‘Namaste’ like I did, or a quote to remind you of your values in life.

Whatever feels good to create, do that.

When you’re done, let your paintings dry a bit, then you can hang up with fun Washi tape, push pins, or display them like the hanging intentions.

What do your posters say?



PS… Here is lesson one, two, three, and four.

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An exercise for when you’re feeling down: write what you most need to hear

This is the fourth lesson in the 5 lessons in 5 weeks for creative + intentional living. Each week, I’ll be sending an email and posting to the blog, so pick and choose which of these practices feel good to do for you. If you don’t vibe with this one, that’s cool… there’s more coming your way, soon :) If you want these directly to your email, sign up here.

An exercise for when you're feeling

Writing what you most need to hear is a very simple way to reframe a current situation to help you feel better. It can take all but 2 minutes, but totally change your frame of mind. The best part? All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and your creativity. Collect your materials and let’s creatively transform your mind…


If you’ve created the affirmation booklet from the first lesson in this series, you probably have an idea about what your biggest roadblocks in life are that keep you from living happy and fulfilled. It focuses on transforming your negative beliefs into positive ones.

But, what do you do when you don’t feel like going too deep, but you need a practice that makes you feel better and more positive?

Writing what you most need to hear is a really useful practice when you’re feeling:

  • confused
  • anxious
  • stressed
  • angry
  • resentful

Often, we put validation into other people’s hands. We go to other people to tell us what we’re experiencing is OK, and sometimes this is hugely beneficial, especially if it comes in the form of a therapist or other non-biased source. BUT, a lot of the times we can just sort it out on our own!


Grab a notebook and at the top of a blank page, write out the statement: “What I most need to know”.

This beautiful blank page before you is where you write down everything you need to know to feel better in this moment. Target in on a specific situation, not necessarily your entire life. What’s happening now that makes you feel ungrounded?

Imagine that situation and write down all the kind and compassionate statements you can remind yourself of in this moment.

If you have a hard time thinking of something to write, imagine someone who’s been inspiring, helpful and encouraging throughout your life: what would they say right now?

Write that down.

For me, I usually envision my aunt. She’s always been a huge source of inspiration for me, so I channel her positivity and kindness. I recently did this exercise and this is what I came up with:

I am innocent. I did what I could. I am honest + kind. I am positive and always looking for creative solutions in life. The solutions out of my control are not always resolved in a negative way. 

Phew. That feels better.

And, that’s the goal, right?

Yes, yes it is!


Hang it up, or keep it closed in your notebook.

Mine is written on a scrap piece of paper on my table.

Nothing fancy.

In fact, I wrote on top of what was already there… and, eventually, I’ll probably recycle this piece of paper.

If you feel you need to hang onto yours, cool. If not, toss it.


If you’ve uncovered some stuff that you feel needs more work, consider creating affirmations for it to reframe your beliefs. I’ve written quite a bit about affirmations, which you can peek here.

If you wanna catch the rest of the lessons, click here.


What’s something you need to work through? Any recent feelings of confusion, fear, or anxiety that could use a little reframe?


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