Forget buying inspirational posters… create your own instead

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Forget buying inspirational

We are a product not only of who we surround ourselves with + what we put into our minds, but also what our environment looks like.

This is why my walls adorn beautiful script quotes, intentions, and positive affirmations.

When I was a kid… I had posters of cats and other animals all over my walls. Literally, the entire wall next to my bed was covered with these pictures – and I loved them!

Then, as I got a bit older… my artist aunt gifted me some beautiful originals of hers that dressed up my walls for my teenage years.

Once I started college… I covered my walls in other people’s art, sayings, and creations.

Of course, this isn’t a negative thing, but I soon realized it’s a lot more fun to create your own, especially because they’re unique and meaningful to you.

I most love creating my own wall art because I can be very intentional about what I surround myself with and it costs next to nothing…


Remember the butcher paper you purchased when you created your yearly + hanging intentions?

Pull that thing out again and let’s get to work.

Find yourself some black acrylic paint and dilute it 1 part paint to 3 parts water, maybe less, depending on what type of paint you have.

Next, you can get some fun script brushes, or you can find a soft tipped paintbrush, like these.

You now have the tools to create a beautiful script print with your own handwriting.

What do you most need to hear?

Take that and script quote it on the butcher paper.

photo 1 (5)


photo 3 (2)

photo 1 (4)

photo 2 (4)

Seize the day.

This is a beautiful process of acknowledging your inner self and bringing to light the most empowering and beautiful thing you could hear.

It doesn’t have to be long – maybe you just want to remind yourself to not take life so seriously, so you script paint ‘Smile, babe.’

Or, maybe you want to encourage your inner truth to come out daily, so you write out ‘Namaste’ like I did, or a quote to remind you of your values in life.

Whatever feels good to create, do that.

When you’re done, let your paintings dry a bit, then you can hang up with fun Washi tape, push pins, or display them like the hanging intentions.

What do your posters say?



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An exercise for when you’re feeling down: write what you most need to hear

This is the fourth lesson in the 5 lessons in 5 weeks for creative + intentional living. Each week, I’ll be sending an email and posting to the blog, so pick and choose which of these practices feel good to do for you. If you don’t vibe with this one, that’s cool… there’s more coming your way, soon :) If you want these directly to your email, sign up here.

An exercise for when you're feeling

Writing what you most need to hear is a very simple way to reframe a current situation to help you feel better. It can take all but 2 minutes, but totally change your frame of mind. The best part? All you need is a piece of paper, a pen, and your creativity. Collect your materials and let’s creatively transform your mind…


If you’ve created the affirmation booklet from the first lesson in this series, you probably have an idea about what your biggest roadblocks in life are that keep you from living happy and fulfilled. It focuses on transforming your negative beliefs into positive ones.

But, what do you do when you don’t feel like going too deep, but you need a practice that makes you feel better and more positive?

Writing what you most need to hear is a really useful practice when you’re feeling:

  • confused
  • anxious
  • stressed
  • angry
  • resentful

Often, we put validation into other people’s hands. We go to other people to tell us what we’re experiencing is OK, and sometimes this is hugely beneficial, especially if it comes in the form of a therapist or other non-biased source. BUT, a lot of the times we can just sort it out on our own!


Grab a notebook and at the top of a blank page, write out the statement: “What I most need to know”.

This beautiful blank page before you is where you write down everything you need to know to feel better in this moment. Target in on a specific situation, not necessarily your entire life. What’s happening now that makes you feel ungrounded?

Imagine that situation and write down all the kind and compassionate statements you can remind yourself of in this moment.

If you have a hard time thinking of something to write, imagine someone who’s been inspiring, helpful and encouraging throughout your life: what would they say right now?

Write that down.

For me, I usually envision my aunt. She’s always been a huge source of inspiration for me, so I channel her positivity and kindness. I recently did this exercise and this is what I came up with:

I am innocent. I did what I could. I am honest + kind. I am positive and always looking for creative solutions in life. The solutions out of my control are not always resolved in a negative way. 

Phew. That feels better.

And, that’s the goal, right?

Yes, yes it is!


Hang it up, or keep it closed in your notebook.

Mine is written on a scrap piece of paper on my table.

Nothing fancy.

In fact, I wrote on top of what was already there… and, eventually, I’ll probably recycle this piece of paper.

If you feel you need to hang onto yours, cool. If not, toss it.


If you’ve uncovered some stuff that you feel needs more work, consider creating affirmations for it to reframe your beliefs. I’ve written quite a bit about affirmations, which you can peek here.

If you wanna catch the rest of the lessons, click here.


What’s something you need to work through? Any recent feelings of confusion, fear, or anxiety that could use a little reframe?


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Create a yearly framework for soulful growth + goals

This is the third lesson in the 5 lessons in 5 weeks for creative + intentional living. Each week, I’ll be sending an email and posting to the blog, so pick and choose which of these practices feel good to do for you. If you don’t vibe with this one, that’s cool… there’s more coming your way, soon :) If you want these directly to your email, sign up here.

Create a yearly framework for soulful growth + goals

Setting intentions for your life, when aligned with who you really are, provide a beautiful framework for soulful growth.

You lay the groundwork by creating a beautiful timeline for your desires to manifest, set the intentions by putting creative energy into them, then watch things unfold.

This is a process I’ve used many times over to help stay focused on what I want most out of life: truth, love, and freedom.

I add things to my intentional + hanging calendar right off the bat, then adjust and make room for things as life occurs. Using this method allows me creative power in my life and also the ability to FLOW with what life offers me, too.

Read on to learn more about how to set + hang your yearly intentions for soulful growth + goals…


My world revolves around intentions and synchronicities. Whenever I set an intention, or ask the universe for help, I keep my eyes open to the answer. It can come in the form of a feather, a car up for sale (true story), or a piece of mail. These types of things have no meaning on their own, but by prescribing your own meaning to them, it can help you make decisions and create your life with more ease.

Intentions inspire me by keeping my spirit lifted and focused on what I want to create in my life. Whenever I feel unsure about how to move forward, I look to my yearly goals and other hanging intentions for confirmation: does this situation, job, or project fit within my current intentions? If it doesn’t totally fit, can I make space for it, if it aligns with who I truly am?


Some things require their own natural timing. When we begin to force things to happen, we don’t feel good because we’re expecting them to happen. And when they don’t? We feel disappointed, ashamed, frustrated. Not good feelings to send out into the universe about the life you want to live, right?

This is why making space is important, so be aware of where you may be pushing too hard.

If you want to move, travel, or find a new partner, put that on your calendar. Space it out somewhere it feels good. Only you will know when this is, whether it’s next month or next year.

Once it’s written down on your calendar, choose to be open to whatever happens :)


Take a few minutes to uncover some of your goals for the upcoming year. Here are some questions to take into consideration:

  • how do you want to feel? How can you feel more of this feeling?
  • what would you most like to be experiencing in the next few months?
  • what have you put off that you’d like to enjoy?
  • where do you want to travel?
  • what’s something that feels TOO BIG, but you want to do, anyway?

Journal these out and give it some focus.

Listen to your intuition.

When you ask yourself these questions, say them out loud, then close your eyes.

What comes to mind?

This might give you clues into what steps to take next. Also, keep track of the dreams you have – sometimes they can tip you into the right direction, too.


Create a yearly framework for soulful growth + goals


  • your goals + feelings for the next year
  • roll of butcher paper: head out somewhere like Hobby Lobby or Target. They seriously run for about $5 and last quite awhile. (They also are fabulous for creating unique wrapping paper, or posters for your wall).
  • Sharpies, or other fun markers
  • push pins and / or tape to hang your yearly intentions up

Create a yearly framework for soulful growth + goals


  1. Pull out a piece that will fit a space on a wall that’s in a high traffic area that you will pay attention to.
  2. Cut the butcher paper, then divide the piece into as many sections as years you have sketched out from the beginning exercise. It’s totally fie if you’ve only figured out the next year only, but always cool to make room for the upcoming years, too. Give yourself some breathing room when you sketch out the years. Leave room for magic to happen!
  3. Then, add your desires in chronological order.
    1. My yearly intentions have anything on it from taking a trip to the Oregon Coast (July 2014), a January 2015 vacation to the Dominican Republic and an intention to be fully self-employed by the end of next year (2015). If you don’t know when something will materialize, put it somewhere on the calendar to give it some space and time to do so. If it’s truly aligned with who you really are, setting these intentions will help you grow into that space, so leave lots of room!

Create a yearly framework for soulful growth + goals

You can use sharpies (my favorite!) to decorate and organize your yearly intentions and goals.

Be sure to refer to these goals and intentions monthly, to review and edit, where needed.

Plus, hanging it somewhere highly trafficked will give you the chance to see these goals daily and keep the top of mind.


So, tell me: what do you MOST want to create in your life this year?

Have fun + live magically,


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[VIDEO]: Introducing Vision Quest (+ how to win a free spot), my upcoming rebranding,+ your journey with AYE


Hello, my dear!

This is a new one.

I’ve always sorta hid behind my words. I decided it was time to STEP INTO THE LIGHT.

So, here I am. And, like I say in the video, I am here to share a little nugget of energy with you, today :)

If you don’t have time to listen, here’s the gist:

  • Vision Quest embarks next Monday, October 20. You can:
    • Enter to win a free spot until Thursday, here, or
    • Purchase your spot (there are only 5 available) here. You have until Sunday afternoon, October 19, to snag your spot. The investment will rise considerably after the first Vision Quest, so if you resonate and want to be a Founding Member, snag a spot, now. You’ll also receive some fun perks, such as a custom + intuitive painting, just for you, but shhh… and some other fun things just for this group.
    • If you want to hear more about the Vision Quest, watch / listen to the vid here.
  • I’m working on a rebrand of the website. The values are not changing, just the structure of the website to make it more clear + intuitive to better serve YOU!
  • Your journey when working with me will begin with a beautiful guide to letting go of negative beliefs (I’m working on this now). You may also download the free mini Truth Quest by either signing up here, or by emailing me if you can’t find the PDF when I sent it out last month.
  • You’re awesome.

Now, watch my funny facial expressions and verbal blunders. I like to say I’m imperfectly perfect.




Transform your space into something positive + meaningful with hanging intentions

This is the second lesson in the 5 lessons in 5 weeks for creative + intentional living. Each week, I’ll be sending an email and posting to the blog, so pick and choose which of these practices feel good to do for you. If you don’t vibe with this one, that’s cool… there’s more coming your way, soon :) If you want these directly to your email, sign up here.

Transform your space into something positive + meaningful with hanging intentions.

Some say that you are the average of the five people you spend the most time with… and, I’d add that you’re also the average of the 5 places you spend the most time in! The thing is… we spend a third of our lives in our bedroom, sleeping. Another percentage is lived in the bathroom, kitchen, and living room. If you’re lucky, maybe it’s lived in your backyard or in the outdoors. Weee :)

The point is that our environment creates a huuuge affect on our confidence and self-esteem. What you invite into your home and put on your walls directly correlates to your quality of life.

Take a second and identify the space you spend the most time in your home.

A space that feels comfortable – where you are your most vulnerable.

Where is that?

Got it?


This is the perfect place we’re going to hang up intentions.

Setting intentions

Before we can even begin to create hanging intentions, you need to understand how to write them.

This is quite simple, as long as you’re confident in your own truth.

Ask yourself:

  • what do I most want to attract?
  • what do I want more of in my life?
  • what more do I want to create?
  • what do I want to explore more of?
  • where do I want to travel?

These are some good starter questions to ponder and help uncover what intentions you want to set. When you receive inner guidance, write your answers down.  Remember that you don’t have to have all these things figured out right now. Leave room for things to evolve and change. This is life :)

Transform your space into something positive + meaningful with hanging intentions

Hanging intentions set up

Set aside an hour or two. Find a quiet space, light a candle, and put on some nice, calming music.

Come prepped with:

  • acrylic + watercolor paints
  • glass jar + water
  • script brush + other flexible brushes
  • paper towel / regular towel
  • watercolor paper / printer paper / whatever…
  • framing wire + paperclips and / or small clothes pins (to hang your intentions)
  • your written intentions, on paper

Some extras:

  • candles
  • incense
  • calming music
  • water / tea / wine
  • a friend

Once you’ve got your workstation set, take a chunk of time to paint your intentions onto the paper you have. You can get as intricate, or bright, or multimedia as you want. You can fit lots of intentions on one piece of paper, or just write one.

I prefer very simplistic creations, so I just create usually with watercolor – and, sometimes a Sharpie. Each piece of paper usually has 1-3 intentions, then I divide them by cutting once they’re dry.

Whatever feels good for you is just fine.

And, of course, give yourself space to explore how you feel about what is going from hand to paper.

If you mess up, just start over. Even if you don’t like how things look, keep going.

When you’re finished painting your intentions, put them somewhere safe to dry overnight.

Tomorrow, go back to your painted intentions and cut them into rectangles and squares, so that you can hang them up.


Instead of purchasing an expensive magnetic wire, grab some framing wire and cut to your desired length. I got mine at the local craft store for something like $2… then, twist the ends, so it creates two loops on each end – big enough to fit a nail or push pin, so you can hang them on each side.

Looped framing wire for hanging intentions.

Once you’ve got your wire at the right height and location, hang your painted intentions up! I hang mine with mini clothes pins or any kind of clip I can find. You can get these at any craft store.

Cut intention.

Hanging intentions.

Hanging intentions.

So, again, think about:

  • what do you most want to attract?
  • what do you want more of in your life?
  • what more do you want to create?
  • what do you want to remind yourself of?
  • what do you want to surround yourself with?

This is a beautiful and fun way to display your intentions somewhere you can always see them. Plus, it’s a fun process that you put your energy into, thus attracting more universal support. If you have someone who’s down to do this with you, it’s be a beautiful process to share. Grab a friend or your partner – and work through this together.

Your home is somewhere you spend the majority of your time – might as well make it inspiring and positive, no?

And, there’s no better way to do this than by covering the walls with your own creations and intentions, set from the soul.

If you’re interested, there is a group Vision Quest, which adventures through intentional and creative practices, like this, over 4 weeks. If you’d like to join, grab a spot here. I’d love to have you join us.

Oh, and if you missed the first lesson, you can read it here.



PS. what’s the BIGGEST thing you want to manifest within the next year? What’s the intention you’re going to create to attract it? Share it below!

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