How to plan a week of self-care

How to plana week of self care How to plan a week of self care

It’s so easy to get caught up in the world wind of responsibilities. Of relationships. Of friends and jobs and projects.

It’s not always the easiest to say no to someone, or turn down some awesome plans because you feel a little bit run down and feel you need some ‘me-time’. You may even feel a little guilty for turning down said plans, amirite?


The key to personal responsibility and self-fulfillment is self-care.

Because, when you are happy, the people around you are happy.

Relationships become stronger, you believe that you are worthy, and it increases your self-awareness and compassion.

For me, I haven’t always been great at self-care. I haven’t always put myself first. I haven’t always listened to the voice in the back of my mind that told me to stay in instead of drink, or eat a salad instead of a burrito even though I KNOW that eating the salad will make me feel better.

But, well, life. It happens.

A conscious week of self-care

Because of this lack of self-care, I spent five glorious days this week, bathed in a self-care routine.

I listed out everything I felt was important to my self-care:

  • drink six water bottles / day
  • drink one green smoothie / day
  • read 20-30 min / day
  • do yoga and / or HIIT / day
  • eat entirely plant based: no wheat or dairy
  • meditate
  • morning ritual: wash hands + face and brush teeth
  • morning ritual: pull Wisdom Card for daily guidance

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From there, I literally scheduled it all out. Each night, I would plan the next day’s schedule, depending on what was going on. I had to fit in time for work, time for researching, and just overall free time.

The best part is that you give your brain the exact process to go through, so it becomes super easy to follow through. I’ve heard some motivational bloggers write that it’s good to only have three goals per day, but this worked wonderfully for me to establish some new rituals.

My schedule looked a little something like this:

  • meditate
  • pull wisdom card
  • drink tea + read 30 min
  • water bottle #1
  • green smoothie
  • water bottle #2
  • yoga / HIIT
  • lunch + supplements
  • water bottle #3
  • work – 4 hours
  • water bottle #4
  • dinner
  • meditate [again, or if I skipped in the morning]
  • plan tomorrow’s schedule
  • read / chill out
  • sleep

This was a pretty standard day. The big thing I was focusing on is drinking more water and supporting my body by eating clean and taking my supplements.

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Show yourself what’s possible

Now, you don’t need to enjoy routine to get the most out of this self-care routine. The point is to show yourself what’s possible. To show yourself what you enjoy and what you don’t enjoy. What I do for self-care could be completely different to what you do. It’s all about exploring who you are and what feels good for you.

Mind – Body – Spirit

While figuring out the schedule I wanted to follow, I kept mind-body-spirit in the back of my head. I wanted something that not only focused on my mind, but also on my spirit. I usually neglect my body when it comes to moving it and working out, so that was also a major part of the week.

If you’re planning out your own conscious week, day, or month of self-care, I’d highly recommend that you include a few things that feed each of these.

Some examples:

photo 1 7 1024x768 How to plan a week of self care
Two of my own intentions that I have hanging in my bedroom

How to stay committed to your conscious week of self-care

If you need to switch up your schedule, do it! If you need to tone it down a bit after the first couple days, then do that, too.

Your schedule is your schedule.

It can change, just like life.

So, flow with how you feel.

A lot of it’s new, what’s on your list. You’re consciously choosing to do unfamiliar stuff.

This stuff is for you. Your mind-body-spirit. Embrace it. Do not feel guilty — and if you do feel guilty, there is probably some forgiveness and healing that needs to happen there.

There were days where I realized that six water bottles was too much, so I brought it down to four. Another day, I was exhausted from some of the healing meditations (they work deeeeeep, so it’s important to rest and hydrate!), so instead of doing HIIT, I took a nap. I also consciously chose not to be upset with myself for not following through with it to the T. I let it go, right in the moment.

photo 3 5 1024x1024 How to plan a week of self care
Mint + cucumber + lemon + chia detox water.

Ask someone you trust to keep you accountable

The point is that you need people by your side when you’re trying something new. And, especially when it comes to changing you habits and choices for the better. Find someone supportive and check in with them. Let them know what you’re up to. Maybe they’ll even join you!

I didn’t ask for explicit help from my friend Jenysha, but I checked in with her daily to let her know about the conscious choices I was making. Her responses were always something like, “YOU GO GIRL”, or, “WORK IT!”

Lesson: if support is needed, go where the love is.

It’s all an experiment, this self-care routine thing.

By the end of the week, you’re gonna have a pretty good glimpse into what you need in your self-care routine.

It may be as simple as a ritual of washing your hands and face, brushing your teeth, and doing a quick meditation.

It may be more involved than that.

Whatever you choose for you is perfect.

Embrace that your self-care routine is just as unique and special as you.

photo 2 6 e1405790848472 300x295 How to plan a week of self care
A week of self-love is not complete without the freshness of flowers! Hat tip to Jenysha for the reminder to surround myself with beautiful things.

When the conscious week of self-care is over

Remind yourself of what you learned. Continue to schedule things in, if you need to. Identify what feels good for you. And most importantly? Love yourself through it all.

With a self-care routine, you invite more love and happiness because you yourself are showing more love and happiness to yourself. Embrace that. Figure out what works for you

Enjoy the time you have for yourself. Remember that you deserve this. You are worthy of taking this time to yourself. No one else is going to remind you to drink water, eat clean, or meditate. That’s all a part of personal responsibility, self-care, and conscious living.



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Bottom line: self-care is a choice. Plus, a manifesto for living intentionally.

Note from Kristen: Here again, we have a beautiful guest post from a dear friend and fellow Misfit, Darci! I crossed paths with her last year when Misfit and I partnered up to make her a unique mug together. We’ve been friends ever since. Such a strong and brilliant soul — I hope you enjoy! PS if you’d like to get As You Evolve in your inbox for conscious transformation, sign up here.

According to Merriam-Webster, self-care is simply defined as care for oneself.

Seems simple enough when you put it like that, but then why does it so often feel convoluted, time-consuming, and elusive?

This is what I’ve determined. Self-care looks different for everyone (obviously), which adds to its mystery.

There are plenty of self-help, self-care books out there involving chicken soup, happiness projects, eating, praying, traveling and meditating your way to some level of self-actualization. And who wouldn’t want that? To arrive at the peak of Maslow’s hierarchy?

But before you reach that pinnacle, you have to figure out what self-care means TO you and FOR you.

Then it means remembering to enact self-care (period).

No qualifiers – not I have to remember to take care of myself when things get hectic, when I’m sick, when my significant other is stressed – but remembering to enact self-care EVERY DAY.

I had one of those moments where the universe knocks and says “it’s time to pay attention” moments, in August 2013.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer.

I was lucky on so many fronts. We caught it early. I had great health insurance. I had an AH-MAZING support network.

But my journey through breast cancer made me reexamine every aspect of my life.

So what did I do? Well, I turned to some of those self-helpy sorts of books. I read a bunch of cancer blogs. I befriended people like Kristen and the Misfits. I also spent a lot of time thinking, of course – pondering and prioritizing.

How could I best take care of ME?

  • Self-care is the alignment of my brain-body-spirit.
  • Self-care is remembering to put my oxygen mask on first (and then helping those around me – because if I pass out due to lack of oxygen, I’m not going to do anyone, any good…)
  • Self-care is the art of falling up.
  • Self-care is remembering to breathe, love, wish, persist, and play.

Breast cancer became a big ol’ flashing light of a reminder that:

  • I was way out of alignment.
  • I wasn’t properly oxygenated.
  • I wasn’t falling up.
  • I certainly wasn’t remembering to play.

Kristen, the Misfits, and even a couple of the books inspired me to write a manifesto.

A manifesto of what I wanted my post-cancer life to embody.

I figured 2014 was going to be a year of milestones (turning 40 and ‘beating’ cancer among others) and I would need a document, something tangible, to remind me of where I wanted to go.

This is what I came up with…

Wake every morning with the goal of letting people know they matter.
Be on a quest to find the joy, the peace and the sacred in the world.
Practice compassion, be present, learn every day and hug often.
Live with purpose, authenticity, & generosity.
Honor the process and the emotions that come with it.
When you find yourself down, remember to fall up.
Embody and help facilitate the changes you want to see in the world.
Exercise creativity, breathe deeply and always act with the best intention.

Manifesto Final 732x1024 Bottom line: self care is a choice. Plus, a manifesto for living intentionally.

Because my biggest takeaway from my 40 years, my journey with breast cancer, the myriad of books read, individuals consulted and thoughts pondered is that how I act, react, and interact with the world is a choice – MY choice.

So in addition to remembering to enact self-care, I must remember to choose to do it.

I must choose to love myself, to take the deep breath, to create an environment in which I thrive, to love those around me, to learn something new, to reach out and be social, to lift others up, to avoid road rage (and whatever other triggers there might be) and to choose to fall up, when I’ve been knocked down.

I may not get to choose all of the things that happen to me, but I do get to choose how I move through them.

So what choices are you going to make?


Untitled design 19 Bottom line: self care is a choice. Plus, a manifesto for living intentionally.Darci L. Graves self-identifies as a social activist, educator and lifelong student, cancer survivor, lover of art, human to Ella Jane, photographer, mentor, satirist, sister, daughter, niece, aunt, friend, and hopeful humanitarian. Her philosophy is that thought-provoking and inquisitive individuals can enhance the quality of people’s lives through a commitment to respectful understanding, a lifetime of learning, and a profound sense of community.

Self-care is self-love.

Your Font Palette Self care is self love.

Self-care arises organically when self-love is realized.

Self-love is what happens when you remember that you are perfect, just as you are.

Let me say that again, and notice what reaction you feel to my words.

Do you tighten in resistence, thinking,

“well, of course I am not perfect JUST as I am… if I were smarter/thinner/stronger/more SOMETHING…then I’d be… not perfect, but less UNperfect…”

Can you imagine softening into my words, maybe only slightly…

“Hmmm…what does it mean, perfect just as I am?”

Perhaps you feel something gentle stir deep inside of you…

some chord of Truth that you knew intimately as a child…

Yes, I AM perfect, just as I am…because I am me, after all,

and I could never be anyone else….

because I LOVE MYSELF soooooo much,

my perfect, imperfect self, fully human,

fully alive…
and so beautifully, effortlessly worthy of love.
JUST for being you….


You are the beloved child of the universe,

and, you must act as mother and father to yourself, now that you are grown…

YOU must take care of yourself…
because, after all, in the deepest level of your soul…
you KNOW that you are SO WORTHY of tender, loving care…

YOU YOURSELF, as much as any other being on this planet,
deserve kind, loving attention FROM YOURSELF.

And, you know what?


You can.

Of course you can, my darling. Affirm it with me now…

“I am perfect JUST as I am. I want to take care of myself, kindly, with love.”

Hold the intention in your heart and mind. Ask the universe and your angels to help you if you are open to doing so.

The intention plants a seed in you, a seed that needs to be watered and cared for, as you remember to care for yourself.

Take concrete steps to bring your intention into form. Write the self-care affirmation down, place it on your sacred altar, or tape it to your mirror…

Let yourself be reminded of this good wish for yourself, again and again…

Until it becomes a habit to wish kindness to yourself. Until it feels natural to treat yourself with the love and respect you probably already give easily to others in your life.

What does self-care mean to you? How would you wish for your dearest friend to care for themselves? Picture it… imagine how lovingly each action could be performed…grooming, eating, exercising, taking time to meditate or create art or sing… acts of nourishing the body, acts of nourishing the mind, acts of nourishing the spirit.

Kind acts, directed towards the self. Because you deserve such kindness in your life… and such kindness has far reaching consequences. It is not you yourself alone who will benefit. No. Kindness, like sunlight, radiates outwards.

It touches all those who you come into contact with, and shines out to all of creation.

Simple kindness is enough to change the world.

Self-care seems like a small thing to you now, but I tell you that small things will change the world. Small acts of love will heal this world, starting with YOU.

So please, love and honor yourself with self-care, and make it a sacred practice that you set the intention to do, and put energy into practicing.

Forgive yourself for the times when you forget to practice it. It might seem silly sometimes. Practice it anyways.

You have full permission from the universe to be kind and loving towards yourself, in all that you do. Never believe that it is selfish. Know that it is right.

Care for yourself as you would care for something so precious, so worthy of love… and realize that YOU ARE THAT LOVE.

Wishing you all the happiness in the world,
So much love,
Jessie A.

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