Bring it to light (a creative project to transform negative beliefs)

This is the first lesson in the 5 lessons in 5 weeks for creative + intentional living. Each week, I’ll be sending an email and posting to the blog, so pick and choose which of these practices feel good to do for you. If you don’t vibe with this one, that’s cool… there’s more coming your way, soon :)

Your deepest, darkest beliefs sit as far back in your subconscious as possible.

They hide, dart, and elude you. It’s their job.

The ego controls them and takes hold of the reigns once you start paying attention.

But, the ego doesn’t always win the fight: the more you know and the stronger you believe in your worth?

The faster those negative beliefs scatter away, and poof, like magic, they’re gone.

Shining a light brings up a lot of emotions and feelings.

You may not feel ready to let go of the negative thoughts you’ve carried for so long.

Do you even know what life could be like, without them?

Well, for just a little bit, let’s try.

This creative project to transform negative beliefs works like this:

  • identifying negative belief
  • creating perspective-shifting affirmations
  • crafting together affirmation cards for personalized support

All it takes is five steps.

Five steps with an open heart, open mind, and open eyes.

Let’s do this.

Here’s how to bring it to light and change ya life.

Identify limiting beliefs

What does your inner chatter say?

Write down the most unloving thing you’ve said to yourself chronically, over the years.

Once you’ve identified this, it’s time for a perspective shift:

Who are you not to be loved? Who are you not to be worth it? Who are you not to be smart enough?

Replace with: I am loved and cared for by the universe. I am worth all the love and care I receive. I am at peace.

Also: think about what you’d like to introduce into your mindset. Do you want to be more confident, kind, empowered?

Write these down, too.

Words are magic, so take care with this step.

Create a list of as many affirmations that feel right.

If you’re having trouble coming up with your own affirmations, I have a step-by-step guide on exactly how to create them here.

I also have a Pinterest board of affirmations you can borrow from.

Let’s get crafty: break out the card stock

photo (1)

Grab some card stock, or anything that you can cut up into pieces that are roughly 2 inches by 5 inches, or whatever is the right size for you.

Make sure the paper is clean from distractions.

Cut out one piece for each affirmation you have, or as many as you want to have once your affirmation booklet is done.

You can always leave room for more to fit in the future!

If you don’t have card stock, use another strong type of material that will withstand the inside of your purse or pocket :)

Put it together

Step three

Once all your cardstock is cut up, hold them all together and punch a hole in the middle of the shortest side.

Tie together with some jute, or anything else you have that you can tie.

Write the affirmations

Step four Step four

Write your affirmations out on your cards with sharpie, or another bold medium.

These are your affirmations!

Create a strong and confident representation of what these affirmations mean to you.

Bring it to light

Step five

When you’re done, you have a portable + personalized guide to help bring your negative beliefs to light.

Using affirmation cards created specifically for you – by you – is a powerful step in taking back your power.

You don’t need to go out and buy fancy affirmation cards.

Make them yourself, love.

You have the power, now.

Refer to these whenever you need an inner boost.

Eventually, you may find you don’t need these anymore.

At this stage, you can paint over them and create a new little guide, or just keep it around for the future.

To your inner power, truth, and strength,


PS. What negative belief do you most feel needs changing? Share yours below and I’ll help you transform your first negative belief into a positive affirmation.

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How to make space

Making space

What do you want?

It could be anything, no matter how big or small.

Hold it in your mind, now.

What is it?

Say it out loud.

You can have it.

Just because you don’t have it now?

Doesn’t mean you can never have it.

You can, but, you must make space.

Feng shui enthusiasts will tell you about the power of this practice.

Let’s make space

  • Do you want to take an adventure? Open a savings account and get your suitcase ready.
  • Do you want a life partner? Empty space in your closet.
  • Do you want to have a child, or add an animal to the home? Clear a room in your home.

This is about transforming your life in the least invasive way possible.

It’s about taking what you already have and making it more inviting.

You don’t have to do anything except making some shifts:

Move the money.

Open accounts.

Clear the space.

Whatever you want in your life, take 10 minutes today to make space for it.

Clear the drawer and open the account to open your mind.

Tell me…

What are you making space for, today?

Give me one sentence below, starting with: “I’m making space for…..”

Let’s share and support each other in creating the life we want.



Life doesn’t begin when the dream is realized

Life is not when the goal is reached.

I don’t know what it is.

How were we led to believe that actualizing our dream, whatever they may be, will bring us ultimate happiness?

Like, we’ll finally ‘get there’ and never have to try, ever again.

The thing is, when a goal or dream is tied to something beyond our true selves, we suffer.

Example: pursuing a degree in mathematics when you really adore the arts, just because you ‘thought it’s what you should do’. Or, ignoring your inner passion for writing to work towards The Job, because y’know, once you get to the top of that Job, you’ll be happy, right? Perhaps it comes down to seeking out your perfect relationship. Secret: relationships aren’t meant to be perfect, but they are meant to be REAL.

This is not uncommon. And, if you’ve experienced this? It is okay. It’s your journey and has led you to where you are today, my dear.

The greatest thing we can ever do is this:

Realize that our inner self and outer self are connected. And, the dreams and goals of the inner self do matter – more so than the outer goals, at times. And, that we need to follow that inner calling, and synergize it with our outer selves, to truly feel fulfilled and excited about the work we’re doing in the world.

Let me remind you that not all goals are ‘bad’, especially if they’re aligned with your inner self… I don’t believe in this diabolical nature that we humans give into so often. If you have a true goal – one that lights your inner fire and really lifts your heart with delight, then yes, this goal is aligned with who you really are. Your truth.

If you’re on a path that you’re not sure who laid it out for you, remember that it’s never too late. Never, ever too late. You can always make a choice to change directions and create a new story

Awareness is key

The fact you’re even reading this tells me that your inner and outer worlds may be misaligned, or you may be questioning if they are. Feeling confusion and doubt about where you’re headed in life can be a huge cosmic road sign to tell you to turn around, or change lanes. Only you will know.

If you take anything out of this piece, let it be this:

Life doesn’t begin when the dream is realized. Life is right now.

And that? That’s the big secret of a fulfilling and happy life.

What a relief! This means:

  • you don’t need to have everything planned out
  • you live in a state of love and awareness
  • you feel content about your life
  • you easily share your excitement + light with others
  • you aren’t constantly questioning everything, because you’re just here

So, now that you know the secret to life, you’ll be able to make some aligned changes for you.

Take a moment to recognize what your inner truths are. What are reoccurring values in your life? Maybe your most favorite memories bring up feelings of joy and freedom. What were you doing? And, how can you bring a little bit of that joy and freedom into your life now? Making small changes allows for more creative control in your life. You will feel more confident because you’re more aligned with what makes your inner self happy.

Lean on your inner truths. Your inner self. Love those needs, desires, and feelings unconditionally. Honor them by making changes in your life, no matter how big or small, but remember: baby steps. They are there, like lighthouses in the night, to assist you in navigating the choppy, and sometimes dangerous, waters that make up your life. The turmoil. The love. The pain. The vulnerability.

You are totally worthy of having the life you desire.

But only you – and you alone – can create the change that leads to more fulfillment and contentment. No one else can do it for you. It’s time for you to take your power back.

You can totally do it. You’ve been resilient before. You’ve shared your heart more than once.

Bring that back to the surface. Live a little more on the vulnerable side. Dedicate yourself to honoring your inner truth.

Because remember: life is now.

Life does not wait.

And, life certainly does not start when the dream is actualized.

It’s all the moments in between that truly make up this life adventure.

Reaching your dreams is just like the cherry on top.

Live the imperfections. Live the uncertainties. Live the confusion.

And wherever you are now? It’s perfect.

Because everything you do, believe, and experience are all leading you to exactly where you need to be.

With love,

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